«Digital school» is an international network project aimed at development of cultural media consumption and popularization of schoolchildren and teachers digital literacy.


Конкурс «Моя школа» - это тексты, видео, фото, инфографика, IT-проекты об учащихся и преподавателях, учебе и жизни образовательного учреждения, праздниках и буднях, достижениях и проблемах, истории, настоящем и будущем образовательного учреждения

About contest

The project is implemented by Don State Technical University and «Mediapark- South Region-DSTU» Foundation with the support of «Rossotrudnichestvo». Using an interactive Internet platform, «Digital School» creates and distributes thematic digital content, organizes and realizes events (lectures, workshops) in Russia and abroad.

Also an International IT Fest and Media Competition «My School» with online and offline stages is going to be held within the project. The project is supported by «Rossotrudnichestvo» grant programmes in the framework of the federal programme «Personnel for Digital Economy» and the RF national programme «Digital Economy».